Sunday, 7 March 2010

Book Review – Changeling

Well, it has been a long time, hasn’t it? But, never fear, the Writer is here! Tonight’s review will be for a book named Changeling, by Steve Feasey (get it, faeces, lol), published in 2008. This book is a first in a series of a trilogy, so far, based around this kid called Trey Leporte, a kid who’s actually a werewolf who basically meets this vampire who tells him who he is, falls in love with the blood-sucker’s daughter, is hunted by demons, etc, etc. It sounds like a clich├ęd plot, and to some extent, it is. I would go as far to say that this is kind of an effort to fit in with the current “dark romance” trend that’s invading bookstores, but doing it in a boy’s point of view. That’s probably why it’s nothing ground-breaking.

The main character here is Trey, a kid who lives at an orphanage and wakes up one day to find his room completely ruined. (Legasp!) He thinks it is burglars, but it’s fairly obvious it’s him who’s become a werewolf during the night and... Oh, you’ll know what I mean when you read it. Then, we have Lucien Charron, a vampire who comes and collects him from the orphanage. Is it me or all head vampires called Lucien? Oh no, wait, that’s lycans! (Underworld reference, FTW!) But it’s nice to see that werewolves and vampires aren’t at each other’s throats for a change. But wait! The main baddie is Lucien’s brother, an evil vampire, who we don’t meet until the last chapter and he looks uncannily like Nosferatu . o.0

So, good bits: very strong beginning, it had me hooked from the first sentence. :D Straight to the point as well, which I always like in a book. If it just drags on and on, then I just lose interest. The action was okay, like the fight in the London Underground (oh no – spoilers!!) and the overall idea was kind of creative, certainly with today’s market. However, Steve Faeces (whoops, I mean... Feasey) kind of lost heart in the middle of it. I mean, the story slowed down considerably and got a little boring after the middle of the book. He must’ve got writer’s block, couldn’t be bothered to finish it, so sort of rushed the ending a little.

Unputdownable? Not really. I have to be honest. It’s okay, but it isn’t great. I’ll give it a grade of about:


That’s all from me, until next time we meet: adieu!

~The Writer